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Arbor and TimeTabler

TimeTabler & Arbor have been Partners for over 10 years, and most Arbor schools use TimeTabler.

We interact in a variety of ways (see below) and you can use some or all of them, according to your school's needs:

Most popular links:

      1) Import of Basic Data: in your first year of using TimeTabler, you will want to get a “head-start” by importing a list of your Basic Data (Teachers, Subjects and Rooms) from Arbor into TimeTabler.
- What to do in Arbor :  TimeTabler and Arbor integration 
- What to do in TimeTabler:   Import Basic Data into TimeTabler 

      2) Scheduling: You will then use all the tools in TimeTabler to schedule your timetable.
This part is done independently of Arbor, so that your school timetabler can concentrate on creating next year's timetable.
We provide lots of help & support for you to do this, in 12 ways.

      3) Export your final timetable: from TimeTabler to Arbor: 
Once you have completed your timetable in TimeTabler , you will want to export it to Arbor.
- More information:  Exporting your timetable from TimeTabler 

Extra transfers you can perform if you need / wish to:

      4) Re-export your timetable:  If you need to make changes to your timetable mid-year, you can do this in TimeTabler , and then re-export the new / modified timetable to Arbor .
More details here.

      5) Review changes made in Arbor:  Smaller changes to your timetable can be made in Arbor (eg: room swaps in September).   You can send these changes back to TimeTabler to ensure TimeTabler    knows about them  (eg. before you then make a big structural change to the timetable, before re-importing the result to your MIS).

- More information:  Import MIS changes to the timetable

Student Options (Electives):      You can also transfer information both ways between Options and Arbor:    

      6) Arbor to Options:  At the start of each year's options process, you can import a list of Students from Arbor      into   Options.
- More information (from Arbor):  Exporting Students from Arbor to Options 
- More information (into Options  ):   Import Students into Options 

      7) Options to Arbor:  Create your best options pattern in Options     then export the result / student assignments to Arbor     .
- More information (from Options  ):   Export Students from Options 
- More information (into Arbor):  Importing Assignments into Arbor from Options 


 Here is a screenshot of the Arbor import from TimeTabler:

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By the TimeTabler Team