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Solving Kickouts

What is a Kickout ?:
By a "Kickout" we mean a lesson that apparently doesn't fit anywhere on your timetable (and so cannot be scheduled) ... its staff and/or its students are not all free in any period of the week or fortnight (or any 2 consecutive periods for a Double-lesson, etc).    The most common reason is that (not all of) the lesson's teacher(s) are free, but there can be other reasons.

If you are in the middle of scheduling and find a Kickout, what do you do ?

Recognising a Kickout:
If a lesson cannot be placed in any period, then it will usually appear at the top of your list of Outstanding Lessons to be placed (on your scheduling screen).   When you look across the week, you will see a dot (.) in every period, which tells you that they are all unusable periods.  To see why a period is unusable, click on the dot for that period.

Solving the Kickout:
  1    To investigate Kickouts and decide how to solve them, please start with the advice in Section F6 in your TimeTabler Manual.

  2    Then the article below is a detailed supplement to Section F6; it gives you further detailed suggestions on how to solve a problem kickout when something won't fit.
Click here to download the Kickout PDF.

  3    If that doesn't help, please submit a Ticket to our Support Team,  and they will help you to find a solution to the Kickout.
If it is a detailed problem please attach your TimeTabler Backup data to your Ticket, and (if possible) also attach your original (intended) Curriculum Diagram, so that we can see what you are trying to schedule.

Further reading:

-- There is also a separate article in this KnowledgeBase on "Solving Problems in the Sixth Form (Y12/Y13)", which discusses solving kickouts of Sixth Form lessons (Years 12/13).  Most schools have more flexibility in the Sixth Form.
-- And an article titled: "I'm scheduling and I'm stuck".
You can use the Search Box to find them.

Any questions, please let us know.


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By the TimeTabler Team