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Consistent Grouping

Consistent Grouping can be used to timetable consistently-setted groups or sets.
Example: if your students are setted the same for Science as for Technology and Geography:

It can be used as a better (easer to set-up) alternative to 'Container Blocks' for many curricular structures, and is often used in Scottish schools as well as in KS3 & KS4.   It can be thought of as a special method that can be allows you to say that certain classes cannot be scheduled at the same time as each other.

     In KS3 and KS4:
For information on how to use Consistent Grouping in KS3 & KS4, with examples, see the PDF on this topic by clicking here.
It gives several examples of curricular structures with consistent setting, consistent grouping, as well as split teaching in a simple block.
In each case a curriculum diagram is given, with a recommended solution.

     In Scotland:
If you are timetabling in Scotland, then in TimeTabler go to "Basic Data -> Classes Screen -> Advanced button", and click on 'Consistent Grouping', then click on the button "Timetabling in Scotland" to find a dedicated PDF to help you.
Or you can type 'Scotland' into the Search Box above to see the article here.
See also the page at

     Sixth Form Blocks (Years 12/13):
In the Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13) you often need to use Container Blocks instead of Consistent Groups - for this, see the PDF article on 'Container Blocks' and this article.

Any further questions about Consistent Grouping, just let us know.
Note: If you are in any doubt about whether Consistent Grouping or Container Blocks is the best way for your school, then please ask by sending a Ticket in the Support Centre (as in HelpMovie 4) and by attaching a Curriculum Diagram to your Ticket, so that we can understand your situation and advise best.

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