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I am new to timetabling and/or TimeTabler

I am new to timetabling and/or TimeTabler ... what should I do first?
How to get started / how to learn about TimeTabler.
Taking over responsibility for the timetable.

 1   If you are new to timetabling and to TimeTabler, we suggest the 7 steps shown at: New to TimeTabler
You can also get more information by clicking on:  Advice for new timetablers
and: Free resources and INSET materials
and especially from 'The Timetabler's CookBook', see: The CookBook

 2   The next step is to do the TimeTabler  Tutorial.
You can download the free Tutorial version from our web-site.
It comes with a PDF of the step-by-step Tutorial Booklet [it's better to use this latest one from the web-site, as the version shown in Section A of your TimeTabler  Manual may be out of date].

By default this Tutorial version installs into a separate folder from your main fully-working copy of TimeTabler, so that you don't affect the data in the full version (perhaps entered by your predecessor, but still re-usable if you wish).

 3   Next, see the QuickStart Guide that is in Section A of your ring-binder Manual, or (better) download the latest full-colour version by clicking here.

 4   If you are using TimeTabler for the very first time, or do not wish to keep any existing data (you prefer a clean start, rather than adapting your predecessor's work) ... then blank out the data as described in Section B1 of the Manual (but you may wish to make some printouts of the old data first).   This uses the feature at 'File -> Demo or Blank Data -> Blank data'.

 5   Help & Support
We provide support in a variety of ways, for you to choose from:

1 -- the Tutorial,

2 -- the QuickStart Guide

3 -- our Gold-Start Plan; more details here: Gold-Start Support

4 -- the web-site, with the INSET materials on timetabling principles

5 -- every screen has its own interactive HelpScreen (as you can see in the Tutorial),

6 -- the library of animated HelpMovies (video tutorials) which explain each main screen; you can view or download them from here,

7 -- the 200+ page printed Manual has a large number of Worked Examples and lots of timetabling tactics, tricks and tips, spelt-out step by step,

8 -- the 24/7 Support Centre, with its searchable KnowledgeBase on timetabling.

9 -- and there is specific Support from our expert timetabling team; just send your question (and perhaps your data) to the Support Centre.

10 -- the Users' area of our web-site includes detailed documentation on how to Export your completed timetable to SIMS, Arbor, iSAMS, Bromcom and other Admin Systems.  See also: our list of MIS

11 -- before you start timetabling, Options helps you to find the most efficient arrangement of 'elective' choice subjects.

12 -- After you have finished the timetable StaffCover , helps you to organise Cover for absent colleagues, quickly.

You can see more about all this help by clicking here .

In addition there is "The Timetabler's CookBook", see The CookBook

If you are new to TimeTabler, then see the 7 suggestions here .
If you wish for a course or training on timetabling then see the links on our web-site, at INSET and Training
See also: Glossary of Terms
And any questions about this, or at any stage of timetabling, just let us know.

If you are entirely new to timetabling, there is more information about timetabling here

If you feel you want to go on an INSET / Training Course, we can recommend Course providers

There are similar free Tutorial versions of our other programs to download (Options and StaffCover).

To see Users' Comments, please click here

To see a Glossary of timetabling terms, see here

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By the TimeTabler Team