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Primary, Junior and Prep schools

Many Primary and Junior schools use TimeTabler ... and it is very popular in Prep schools ... but they tend to use some parts of TimeTabler in a different way from Secondary schools.  If you are using TimeTabler in a Primary School, or a Junior School, or a Preparatory School  ... then please read our advice on the following before you start:

Primary scheduling:

1) The best way to schedule:  How to Schedule a Primary / Junior / Prep School.
If you have any questions about how to apply this to your school, let us know.

See also:
2) Student Experience: if you have students moving from a Primary environment to a Secondary  environment, you may find the Student Experience Report useful.

3) Special School: if you are a Special (or small) School, see the article on Special and Small Schools useful.

Secondary scheduling (if you have Primary and Secondary):

If you also have a secondary school, and need to write a timetable for both parts of the school, then:

-- a) if the period timings are the same in both parts: you can just write a single timetable.

-- b) if the period timings are the same, apart from the younger students arriving and leaving earlier: again, you can just write a single timetable.

-- c)  if the period timings differ between the 2 parts of the school:

i) If some teachers teach in both parts of the school, you can schedule each in turn using the “blocking-off” / "different timings" method described below **.
ii) Or: if the 2 parts of the school don’t share any teachers (or any other resources) then you can just write 2 completely separate timetables. The easiest way to do this would be to install
TimeTabler twice, in two separate folders on your computer (or on two separate computers).

4) ** Different timings: this article on Senior & Junior School Timings explains how to schedule two (or more) timetables with different period-times, when two (or more) schools are linked, or different parts/years of your school operate on different timings.

Note: Licence: If you are using TimeTabler for both your linked Secondary and Primary schools, you will probably need a separate licence for each (usually at a discounted rate for your Primary school) – please check with us at

Any questions about the best method for your school, please ask us on the Support Centre.


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By the TimeTabler Team