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Senior & Junior timetables - Timings

How can I schedule if different 'Parts' of my school have different period times ?

Suppose you wish to timetable:
-- a Senior School, years 7 to 13, with a 6-period day, starting at 9.00 AM, and:
-- the Junior School, years 1 to 6, with a 7-period day, starting at 8:30 AM,
and some of your staff teach in both timetables.

There may be a further complication, that you need 10 minutes commuting time to travel from one site to the other.

Most timetablers would start by scheduling the Senior School timetable first, as it is likely to be more complicated.

Then when you start the Junior School timetable, the very first thing you need to do is to block-off, for each teacher, the periods in the Junior School when they cannot teach because they are already teaching in the Senior School (while also allowing for travelling time between sites).

You can do this manually, but there is a feature in TimeTabler to block-off those periods for you automatically.   It can be applied to more than two timetables (up to five if necessary).

Full details of the method are explained in a PDF which you can Download from here.    


-- 1) you may not need to block-off:  if all your staff and students only teach / are taught on one of the sites (there is no cross-site teaching), then you don't need this method; you can just create two separate timetables.
-- 2) if you are intending to export your final timetable(s) from TimeTabler into your MIS or Admin System, then please also check with your MIS-provider, how they would like to import your timetables.  You need to ensure they are happy to import your timetable(s) before you start.  If your MIS-provider has any questions for us, just let us know.
-- 3) See also the article on timetabling Primary, Junior & Prep Schools.
-- 4) Note on licensing: If you are using TimeTabler for both your Secondary and Primary schools, you will probably need a separate licence for each (usually at a discounted rate for your Primary school) – please check with us at 
-- 5) The number of periods in each part of the school can vary as much as you like (eg: Junior = 11 periods, Senior = 6 periods) because blocking-off works off the start and end period times.
-- 6) For a combined view of the 2 (or more) timetables, go to 'Print -> Combined Timeline View'.

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By the TimeTabler Team