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Assistant Teachers

Entering Assistant Teachers
 Question:   How do Assistant Teachers (Teaching Assistants / TA, Learning Support Assistants / LSA, etc) work in TimeTabler ?

  Answer:  Each lesson in TimeTabler can have:
-- A Main Teacher
-- And (zero or more**) Assistant Teachers

** When entering an Activity in a Batch / to the Curriculum Diagram, you can add zero, one or two Assistants. But once a lesson is scheduled on the timetable, you can add more than two Assistants / as many as you want.

Where do they then appear ?:  The assistant(s) will typically appear on all your timetables, printouts, exports to MIS, etc, often with a "+" (plus-sign) to denote them as assistants.
You can get all the same reports, analyses, etc for assistants, as you can for other teachers.

 Question:   How do I add an Assistant Teacher to a Lesson ?

(1) While adding activities to your Curriculum Diagram (or into a Batch), then on the Advanced (activities) Screen you can enter:
-- Assistant Teachers (eg. Language assistants, or SEN Support Teachers, Teaching Assistants) to be scheduled into the same room as the main teacher.

For details of how to do this, please click here.

The link also explains how you can also, on the same Advanced Screen:
--specify specific Rooms, or a Pool of rooms,
--edit the Teaching Group Name (TGN).

(2) And/or you can also add an assistant into a scheduled lesson at any time, via the 'Edit details' screen on the Class or Staff or Room Timetable screens.

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By the TimeTabler Team