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Scheduling a 2-week timetable

Scheduling a 10-day (2-week, fortnightly) timetable:
There are two main kinds of 2-week (fortnight) timetables:

         Style 1:  Week-2 is very different from Week-1:

For this style it is usual to enter into your Batches all your activities, for the full 2-week cycle.
In the Scheduling section of TimeTabler you will often find it best to use dual-monitors, so that you can spread the Visual Builder Screen etc across 2 screens. For more details see the article on dual-monitors in this KnowledgeBase.

TimeTabler includes algorithms to help you get a good lesson-spread across the two weeks, and the Quality Optimiser Screen can help you see & review the pattern.  See also page 3 in the PDF below.

But there are other ways of getting this style of 2-week timetable which are explained in the PDF below.

         Style 2:  Week-2 is almost the same as Week-1:

The rest of this article explains how to schedule this type of timetable, using a TimeTabler feature called 'Duplicate' .  See also the 5-page PDF below.

Step 1) In your Batches enter just one week's worth of activities. ie. the correct number of lessons for one week of the timetable.
for those activities which alternate between Week-1 and Week-2, enter both sets of teachers into the one team.
For example, if for a Single period in Week-1 the students for 9A will have teachers AB and CD (perhaps for French); and in Week-2 they will have teacher PQ and RS (perhaps for Spanish and Careers), then in the relevant Year 9 Batch enter an activity:
9A       S      AB CD PQ RS

2) Then schedule the timetable (as a one-week timetable) in the usual way.
Suppose that the example lesson above gets scheduled to Friday-period-3.

3) After the schedule is entirely complete:
a) Make a Backup in the AutoBackup Library (see section C15 in the Manual),
and then
b) Go to the Schedule Menu -> Global Change -> Duplicate.
This will immediately change the schedule from one week to a fortnight of 2 identical weeks.
For eg: if pre-duplicate you had an activity with lessons “DSS” placed on Mon:1, Wed:4, Fri:2 …
… then post-duplicate that activity would have lessons “DSSDSS” placed on MonA:1, WedA:4, FriA:2, MonB:1, WedB:4, FriB:2.

4) Then tidy-up periods like Friday-period-3 in the example above, so that the correct staff are showing in each week.
[ie. so that: 9A    S   AB CD is in one week and 9A    S    PQ RS is in the other week.]
There are two ways to do this (see below) ...the first way is the better one if you are intending to Export, but the second way is faster.

> Method 1:
In the relevant periods (Friday-3 in each week) on the Class Timetable Screen (section F15 in the Manual), Unassign this lesson (see F17).
Then go to the Batch, [it will now appear as 9A   SS   AB CD PQ RS with double the periods] and Edit the activity (see D7) so that it becomes 2 activities, on separate rows of the Activities Screen, as:
9A     S     AB CD
9A     S     PQ RS

[Use the Lesson Details button if necessary, to give each teacher the correct subject.]
Then go back into the Schedule and assign one lesson to Fri-3 in Week-1 and the other to Fri-3 in Week-2.
Repeat for any other alternating lessons.
> Method 2:
In the first relevant period (Friday-3 in Week-1) on the Class Timetable Screen (section F15 in the Manual), double-click to see the Edit Details Screen (see F14), and then use the Remove button to trim down the team to be correct for Week-1. Then repeat for Fri-3 in Week-2.

Remember that it you wish to do further work on your schedule (perhaps because of a problem which only surfaces after you have duplicated and printed the timetable), then you still have the one-week version of the schedule in the AutoBackup Library, from where you can Restore it.

1) For more information on scheduling a 2-week timetable, click here  for a 5-page PDF of details.
2) These are the most popular types of 2-week timetable, but if you have any questions about the best way to get the 2-week timetable you require in TimeTabler, just let us know via our Support Centre.
3) If you liked using the 'Interleave' function in Nova-T, this method can be used in TimeTabler too, and is described in the PDF above.
4) We always encourage you to perform some “What if..?” investigations when planning a key change - search on "What if" for details.
5) See also sections 2.21 & 2.22 in the Timetabler's Cookbook.

Reports & Features:
These reports and features are available in TimeTabler to help you create & analyse your 2-week (fortnightly) timetable:

1) On the Staff Availability screen, you can make each teacher's unavailability the same in both weeks, via 'Auto-Assign -> Copy Week-A to Week-B'.
2) Also on that screen, you can  'Auto-Assign -> Compare Week-A and Week-B'.
3) Similarly for Class Availability ...
4) ... and for Room Availability.
5) On the Staff Timetable View during scheduling, you can right-click and 'Compare Week-A and Week-B availability'.
6) The "De-interleave" function, to split 1-week into 2-weeks (more details in the PDF above).  Note: you must always take (and store) a Backup before de-interleaving, so you have a copy of the original timetable if you need it (example: as a starting point for your following year's timetable).
7) The "Duplicate" function, to put a copy of week-1 into week-2 (more details in the PDF above).
8) You can analyse the spread of lessons across your fortnight, at 'Check & Tidy -> Well-being -> 2-week Lesson Spread':
9) The 'Teacher well-being' report will warn you if a teacher's unavailability varies between Week-1 and Week-2.
10) You can translate periods when exporting to your MIS (eg: say that period 3 in TimeTabler goes to period 27 in your MIS).
11) If you have part-timers, then also consider all the features for scheduling and checking part-timers.

For more information or help with any of these, please ask the Support Centre.




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By the TimeTabler Team