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Cover-slips: how to show the best period-labels

Cover Slips: period labels

  Q.   We have an 8 teaching-period day of the form:
3 break 2 lunch 3
... so I created a Day structure of 10 periods where periods 4 and 7 are not available for either staff or classes.
However, after reading the StaffCover Manual this looks as if it will produce a Cover slip which calls our first period after break period 5, whereas the whole school under current practice will call it period 4. This would cause confusion. What should I do?

  A.   It's just a matter of Editing the Period Labels in TimeTabler (and/or in StaffCover) from the defaults (ie. change "4" to "break", "5" to "period 4", etc).

In TimeTabler, go to "Print -> Publishing your timetable -> Day & Period Labels".
And/or in StaffCover, go to "Print -> Publishing your Cover timetable -> Day & Period Labels".

If no lessons were scheduled in the "break" periods in TimeTabler, then you won't ever be asked to cover those periods anyway.
If lessons were scheduled - because you wanted something to appear in that period on your staff/class timetables - but you don't want them covering in StaffCover - then in StaffCover you can go to "Customize -> Period Requirements" where you can say that you don't want certain periods to be covered, etc.


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By the TimeTabler Team