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Representing Lunch on your Printouts

How to handle Lunch on your timetable:

There are 2 ways to get "Lunch" on your timetable:

- a) simply add a "lunch marker" (and/or "break marker") between periods on the School Structure screen.  Or:
- b) include "Lunch" as an actual (separate) period on your Schedule.

For advice on the pros and cons of each, go to the "School Structure -> School Day" page, and click on "Advice on Lunch, etc".

How Lunch then appears on your timetable:

-- If you use method (a) above, a vertical line will appear between the periods before and after Lunch, on your timetable screens and printouts.

-- If you use method (b) above, then follow this advice:

      To get “L”unch markers on your STAFF timetables (‘Master’ and ‘Individual’):

You should simply see an “L” appear on the Staff timetables, in each period where you have marked an availability of “L” on the timetable.

      To get “Lunch” marked on your CLASS timetables (‘Master’ and ‘Individual’):

The easiest way to do this is to start by adding a class label of “Lunch” against each lunch period, for each class.  But NOTE: you won’t want to do this until you have finished your timetable.  So complete your scheduling first, then come back and follow these steps before you print the timetables off.

How to add the Lunch labels: go into the Current Schedule, and then go into “View Class TT”.   Before you can add a label, you will need to make those classes free/available (they are currently marked as unavailable).  To do this, you may need to tick the option (at bottom-left) to “Style -> Class View -> Show composite classes”, so you can see all your classes.  You should be able to see all your classes. and the periods where they are currently unavailable (dark blue).  Double-click on their dark-blue periods, to make them available again.  Then you can turn “Show composite classes” off again.

Now that your first class is free, click on its first lunch period, right-click and choose “Add a Class timetable label”.  To save time, tick “Apply label to all (free) classes in this period”, then make sure “Lunch” is highlighted, and click “Okay”.  (If you don't have a label of "Lunch" you will need to add it first).  You should see “Lunch” appear against (all) your classes in this period.

Repeat for lunch on other days / with other classes … and then close and save the schedule.  When you print your class timetables, you should now see “Lunch” printed in those periods where you added the labels.

Note: different MIS handle lunch in different ways, and some have a strong preference for how they would like lunch importing into their system.  For example, some want lunch as a separate period, and some do not.  Some can handle either way.  So please check with your MIS supplier before importing from TimeTabler.

How to handle Break (or similar) on your timetable:
You can do this in a similar way to Lunch (see above), but any questions, just ask.

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By the TimeTabler Team