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Extra lessons after school

After School ("Twilight") Lessons:

 Q  Our school is now offering Law, Psychology and Italian after school for the sixth form / older students.
Is there any way of recording this by extending the school day from the present 5 lessons a day to 6/7 lessons, without extending the timetable for all teachers/pupils - we just want it for the teachers/pupils involved.
We'd like these sessions to be shown on the timetable to obtain funding.

 A  There are 2 possible ways to do it:

Method 1:
Use 'Add a Period' [see Check & Tidy in TimeTabler, as in HelpMovie 53] to add the extra period to your current timetable ... then add the new activities into a current (or new) Batch and assign them.  
All Classes will then have the extra period on their printouts or web-pages, but you can use the Class Timetable Screen to block off the extra periods for all other Years [via right-click, so the cells turn blue].
Then you can specify at Customise -> Day & Period Labels what shade of grey those unwanted cells will print as.

Method 2:
The alternative way is to Clone your timetable first [see Section H27 in your Manual] and then do as above on one of the Clones ... and then use the appropriate Clone for printing out class timetables [one for the Sixth Form, one for the Main School].  
The disadvantage of this method is if you have timetable changes during the year, you would have to maintain both versions, or repeat the process above.

Note: if you are exporting to your MIS, check also what your MIS would prefer.


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By the TimeTabler Team