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Problem after using Dual Monitors

If you have been using Dual Monitors [eg. by plugging an extra monitor/screen into the extra monitor socket on your laptop ... see the article on this topic in this KnowledgeBase or in the HelpMovie Library], then because the position of the screens that you displayed on the other monitor(s) is remembered, you may later find that you hit one of the following problems:

a) "I can't see the Staff** Timetable when I try to open it during scheduling" (**or the Class or Room Timetable).
b) "On the Staff Timetable Screen I double-clicked a teacher's free period to make it Unavailable, and the screen seemed to disappear; I was returned to the Priority Screen."

Possible causes:
1) You have un-plugged the second monitor.
2) You have moved to a different PC or laptop, which has a different number of screens.

On the opening screen of TimeTabler, go to "Customize -> Dual-monitor screen" and do one of the following:
- if you still have 2+ monitors and want to use the feature, choose 'Switch ON' again (this resets the position of the screens you previously opened)
- or: if you only have 1 monitor, choose 'Switch off' dual monitors.


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By the TimeTabler Team