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Screen Resolutions

Size of Screens

Some Users find that the size of the sub-screens within TimeTabler, Options or StaffCover are smaller than they wish.
Of course we have to design the screens so that they cope for people toward the lower end of the screen-resolution spectrum.  We do record what resolution our schools are using, and have aimed to satisfy the vast majority, but it may be that your resolution is very much at the high end.

Worldwide, at the time of writing, the commonest resolutions for Desktop & Laptop computers are: 1920x1080 or 1366x768 pixels.
Our programs work well at these resolutions.

Occasionally a User may be using a much higher resolution, perhaps even "4k", which is a TV resolution.  In such cases a sub-screen in our programs may appear very small to read.
Here are a few ways you can decrease the resolution for your screen / monitor:

-- a) change the resolution in Windows.  The downside of this method is if you have a lot of icons on your desktop which are currently using the extra space to the right, they may be rearranged by Windows, even after you later change back.
-- b) so … one way round this is to install a second monitor, change its resolution, and drag
TimeTabler etc over to that monitor.   Then the first monitor with your desktop icons can remain unchanged.
-- c) Alternatively, there are various (often free) apps on the web, which will run a program in a specific resolution, for example the “Display Changer” app here:

The advantage of these methods, is that everything then just becomes bigger, with no other changes needed.  

[Windows has features for changing the size of fonts, etc … but we haven’t generally found this method to work well.]

Any problems or questions, just let us know.

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By the TimeTabler Team