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Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements for using our software:

      To run TimeTabler, you will need the following hardware:

  • Any modern Windows** PC or laptop will suffice.
  • A fast processor will make some of the calculations faster, especially during the 'FIT' routine.
  • Larger RAM memory will also increase the speed, and the redrawing of screens such as the Visual Builder screen, and the Class/Staff timetable screens.
  • Many schools attach two monitors, so they can use ‘dual monitors’ mode in TimeTabler, where you work on one monitor and observe the results on the other.  For details, search 'dual' in this KnowledgeBase.
  • Some schools install TimeTabler on their network.  For details, search 'network' in this KnowledgeBase.
  • ** Some schools use TimeTabler on an Apple Mac, Linux, etc.  For details, search 'Apple' in this KnowledgeBase.

      For Options and        StaffCover:

  • Processor and RAM are especially important to Options - in particular, if you have many students or rules, then 'AutoCreate' will be faster the more RAM / processor speed you have.
  • Processor and RAM are not especially important to StaffCover.

Any modern version of Windows (2000 onwards) will work ... including Windows10 and Windows11.

"Windows 10 in S mode" will only load apps from the Microsoft Store, and so is not suitable for our software.

For TimeTabler and Options, you will feel the benefit of having as much RAM, and as fast a processor, as you can (in the screens mentioned above).
For StaffCover, these are far less important.

Any doubts about whether your computer will work well with any of our programs, please ask.

      For TOOLS (online collect of students' choices):

If you wish to host TOOLS you will need:
-- a MySQL database on your server
-- which runs under Apache [other servers should work, but have not been tested].

Any version of MySQL or Apache from 2011 onwards should work.

Alternatively, we can arrange for TOOLS to be hosted for you (there is a fee for this service).

For your users: JavaScript must be switched ON in the web-browser of anyone wishing to use the system (staff or students / parents).

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By the TimeTabler Team