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School inspection : what should we provide?

School Inspection

  Q.   We are due to have a school inspection soon.  Have you any suggestions about what curricular and timetable information we should provide to the inspectors?

  A.   Inspectors would normally specify what they want, in advance of the visit [and usually expect to receive the information before they arrive].  But for the timetable the following may be useful guides:
  1    The most useful thing in understanding the curriculum you have timetabled, would be a Curriculum Diagram for each Year,
... either as a Printout from TimeTabler [from the Curriculum Diagram Screen]
... or as an Excel spreadsheet [as shown at: Example-Curriculum-Diagram.xls 
   and shown in Chapter 2 of The Timetabler's CookBook.]
... and/or, for Years 10 and upwards, a printout from the Options program.
  2    A printout of the figures and the bar-charts from the Staff Deployment Analysis section of TimeTabler might impress the inspectors, and show that you have analysed your staff ... but they probably wouldn't expect it.  The Staff Audit also.
  3    They may be interested in printouts of the 'master' Class Timetable and/or the 'master' Staff Timetable ... so that they can find their way to lessons.
  4    If you have evaluated your timetable [as in Section 11.19 of 'The Timetabler's CookBook' ...or using the 'Quality Report' within TimeTabler] ... then they may be impressed by what this tells them about the timetable - more here: reviewing the Quality of your timetable.

All the above is an interesting snapshot into how the school runs, but our advice is: don't over-do it / feel the need to present too much information ... on the whole they will be more interested in the teaching methodologies that your colleagues are using.



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By the TimeTabler Team