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Adding 1-to-1 lessons after the timetable is completed

One-to-one lessons:

  Q.   I have completed the timetable and allocated rooms. Now I would like to assign free rooms for 1-to-1 work with specialist teachers.
Is there any way of doing this without having to create a lesson in order then to be able to assign a room?

  A.   There are 2 main possibilities:

  1.   If you have only a few such events you might be able to use a Staff Label [you may have used these to label PPA time, or 'Meeting' etc].
See the HelpMovie about 'Adding Labels'.

  2.   As far as TimeTabler is concerned these 1-to-1 lessons are Activities like all the other lessons in order to assign them, and get TimeTabler to check that there are no clashes, and to get them to show on the Printouts, you will need to enter them as Activities ...either in a New Batch or added to an existing Batch.

However, rather than use Classes, you might find it better to enter them with Special Locations.
Lit-Support     S      KJo
Then 'Lit-Support' will be shown on KJo's timetable.

Or if you want the Pupil(s) to be shown, then maybe:
Eng-DavidP       S       KJo
Eng-Class5       S       KJo

Or if you wanted a Printout to give to each of the Pupil(s) involved, then you'd need to enter each of them as Special Resources [eg. pupils aba and efe, using lower-case initials, and entering their 'Full Name' as well on the Special Resources Screen]
ExtraLit-Y5       S       KJo  aba efe
then you could get 'staff timetable' printouts for aba and efe as well as for teacher KJo.

Note: If you are in a Special School or a Pupil Referral Unit, where all the lessons are like this, then please click here to see the PDF on this topic.


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By the TimeTabler Team