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Arbor : Exporting student names from Arbor into Options

Exporting Student Data from Arbor to put into Options

When you start using Options you will want to collect and enter the data for each Student. You will want to enter at least the following:
surname, forename, sex/gender, class/form, a unique ID (eg: UPN)
See pages 18, 42 in the Options Handbook for more details.

The most common ways to do this are:
-- (a) Type it in yourself, manually
-- (b) Import it from an Excel file (or similar)
-- (c) Import it from your Arbor MIS Admin system: you export a file with this data (from Arbor) ... and then import that file into Options.  This method is usually the best, and will save a lot of your time, especially if your school is a big one.
-- (d) Or if you already have your students, and are now wanting to import their choices, you may collect them via our online TOOLS system - please ask for details.
Details of how to get the correct file of students' names etc from the Arbor MIS / Admin System appear here:  Arbor documentation on exporting to Options   (see 'Export your Student information for Options')
... and includes a Template 'report file' (also available from the Arbor HelpDesk) which will speed-up the export for you.

Any questions; let us know.


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By the TimeTabler Team