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Moving to TimeTabler from other software

If you are moving to TimeTabler from another timetabling system, you may find the following useful:

      1) An overview of TimeTabler:
TimeTabler is a fully-featured & intuitive 'smart' timetabling program. It schedules timetables either automatically or interactively, and you can move between these methods as you please.  Constraints such as staff / class / room (un)availability, part-timers, limited number of Labs, Teacher Pools, fixed-points, etc are setup at the outset.  It deals with any curricular structure, of any complexity.
New features have been added every year for the last 25 years in response to Users’ requests via the WishList, so that it fulfils all the requirements of modern timetabling.

It is supported by an extensive Help & Support system, including Help-screens, a library of Video-tutorials, printed documentation, a 24/7 Support Centre, and expert timetablers on the Support Centre.
See full details of help & support here.

      2) Curriculum Planning:
TimeTabler includes support for curriculum planning in several ways:

- (i) TimeTabler draws a Curriculum Diagram in standard format, useful for staff discussions on curriculum development, and this curriculum diagram can be used to collect staffing data from Heads of Department via spreadsheet proformas.

- (ii) Pre-timetabling Checks are available for test the viability of any proposed curricular structure.  For example: Combing Charts, Staff Deployment Analysis, Conflict Matrix, Zarraga’s Rule, etc.

- (iii) ‘What if…?’ schedules can be timetabled quickly, either automatically or interactively, to test the viability of proposed changes to the curricular structure.

      3) Printouts:
TimeTabler provides a wide range of ‘master’ and ‘individual’ staff/class/room/subject/department timetable Printouts, on paper or as web-pages or as spreadsheets; as well as exporting the final timetable to your MIS (where printouts for individual students can then be printed).

      4) Imports & Exports:
Information can be imported into and exported from TimeTabler in a variety of formats (HTML, Excel, etc).
In addition, TimeTabler links to all the main MIS in the UK and several overseas (over 40 MIS / SIS / Admin Systems in total) in the following ways:

- you can import your Basic Data (rooms, subjects & teachers) from your MIS into TimeTabler, as explained here: How to import my Basic Data.
- you can export your final timetable from TimeTabler to your MIS, as explained here: How to export my Timetable.

      5) Ongoing timetable management:
All aspects of timetable management are supported, including editing / re-jigging the timetable if necessary due to staff illness, etc.   Simple changes can be made, or larger changes to the Curriculum Structure.
Daily Cover is provided by the StaffCover program or by your MIS's cover module.

      6) Student Options (Electives):
The Options module is an intuitive and fully featured program which includes all modern features for dealing with any kind of options (electives) system, including ‘Pathways’ etc.

New features have been added every year for the last 25 years in response to Users’ requests via the WishList, so that it fulfills all modern requirements.
Options patterns can be created automatically or interactively.
Users can select from a wide range of ‘Rules’ to Auto-Create the pattern(s) which satisfies the students’ Choices in the most effective way.

      7) Capturing Student choices/options:
As well as the traditional method of collecting students’/parents’ Choices on paper, Options includes the ‘TOOLS’ method where students/parents can enter their Choices on-line from home via their tablet, iPad, laptop, smart phone, etc.  This gives a more-efficient paperless way of dealing with the data.

For a service to transfer your timetable for you, and set-up TimeTabler, please see: 
Service to Transfer your timetable into TimeTabler 

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