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Import Basic Data from Nova-T into TimeTabler

If you have your Basic Data (ie. Teachers, Subjects & Rooms) in Nova-T, and wish to import them into TimeTabler (for example, to give you a 'head-start' in moving-to / using TimeTabler) then there are three possible ways to do this:

      Step 1: in Nova

- 1) If you have your Teachers, etc in an Excel file you have created, that's all you need ... or

- 2) Create an XPL file in Nova, ready to import into TimeTabler.  Start by going to "Getting Started -> Moving from Nova-T", then follow the on-screen instructions ... or

- 3) Create 3 export files in Nova, ready to import into TimeTabler. : click here for instructions.

      Step 2: in TimeTabler
Once you have created your Basic Data File(s) in Step 1 above, you can import it/them into TimeTabler in the usual way as described here.


-- 1)  if your Basic Data is in SIMS (rather than Nova), you can also import from SIMS into TimeTabler : see here.

-- 2) Duties, etc:  you can also import a list of your Nova Non-teaching Activities / Non-class codes / Duties / Staff Availability onto your current schedule in TimeTabler.  See the bottom of this article for how to do it.

Any other questions about the best way to migrate from Nova-T to TimeTabler, please ask.

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By the TimeTabler Team