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Do I have to pay VAT on my order ?

UK VAT (Valued-Added Tax)

VAT (Value-Added Tax) is a tax levied in many countries worldwide on imports and other purchases.
These are the rules on VAT, as advised by HM Revenue & Customs (United Kingdom):

  • If you are in the United Kingdom: yes, you must pay VAT on our software.   But not on our 'Timetabler's CookBook'.
  • If you are outside the European Union: no, you do not pay VAT.
  • If you are inside the EU but not in the UK:
    Post-Brexit (Jan 2021): no, you do not pay VAT in the UK - but you may be required to pay VAT in your own tax jurisdiction.
    Pre-Brexit: you can either pay the VAT, or on your order-form you can provide us with your valid EC VAT number.  If you provide your VAT number, you are not charged VAT.

If in doubt, please consult, or ask us at

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By the TimeTabler Team