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TimeTabler Licence

Important information about the TimeTabler Licence:

  A    I would like to install a copy at school and at home

  A1     How many copies can I install ?
The TimeTabler Licence allows you to install two (or more) copies of TimeTabler ... for example, many of our users install one at school and another one at home.  The only stipulation is that both copies must be for the use of the Registered School (the purchaser) only.

  A2     How do I install a second copy (eg: at home) ?
To install at home, simply run the same installation file (Setup.EXE) that you used to install at school. You will have been sent Setup.EXE (eg: as a link in an email) when updating to the latest version.
(Or if you ordered /installed by CD, just insert the CD).
This will install the latest version on your home PC or laptop.

  A3    I get the message 'not registered' - reason 1
When you run TimeTabler for the first time, it will say "unlicensed" or "not registered" (or your school name may be shown as "Laura Norder High School") ... but you then simply use "File -> TT-Restore" to restore a Backup from your school version of TimeTabler (see below) whereupon your home version will become licensed.  (If you have any problems, just let us know).

Thereafter, you can move from school to home by taking a Backup at the end of the school day, then restoring it at home. And vice-versa when you go from home to school (see below).

  A4    I get the message 'not registered' - reason 2
You will also get the "not registered" message (or see "Laura Norder High School") if you install an upgrade to a different folder from where your existing/previous copy of TimeTabler is installed.

The solution is to:
-- either  (i) restore a Backup file using "File -> TT-Restore"
-- or (ii) re-install to the same folder as your existing/previous copy of TimeTabler.
Once you perform one of these steps, and restart TimeTabler, your school name will appear.

This will also bring back all your previous work / data, for you to continue working on.
If you can't do (i) or (ii) for any reason, then let us know.

  A5     My school name is 'Laura Norder High School'
Another sign that you are not registered is if your school name appears as Laura Norder High School ... this is just the name of the example school in our Demo / Tutorial version, and is loaded by default when your own data can't be found.  See A4 for the solution.

  B    Further advice

  B1    To transfer your data from PC-home (your PC at home) to PC-school (your PC at school) follow these steps:

1) On PC-home, click on "Backup". This saves a single file called TT4Data.Bak onto your memory-stick (or other device of your choice).  If you need to, use the options in the "Change the location ..." box to choose where the Backup is stored (eg: if you have inserted a USB-stick, click "USB").

2) On PC-School, go to "File -> TT-Restore" and restore the Backup file.  Again, if you need to, use the options in the "Change the location ..." box to find the Backup you wish to restore.

Similarly for transferring a Backup the other way.
Always: Backup on the 1st machine; then Restore on the 2nd machine.

  B2    Other programs:
Options: the above talks about the TimeTabler licence, but it is the same for Options (only you use “File -> OPT-Restore” to restore an earlier Backup file).
StaffCover: the above talks about the TimeTabler licence, but it is the same for StaffCover (only you use “File -> SC-Restore” to restore an earlier Backup file).

More information on your Licence(s):
For more details on the Licence, please click here.
For details on the licences for our other programs (Options and StaffCover) click here.

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By the TimeTabler Team