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Telephone Support ?

We provide a wide range of Help & Support for TimeTabler, for Options and TOOLS, and for StaffCover.
And in 12 different ways.  We've been told it is the best timetabling Support on the planet !

For full details of those 12 ways, please see the Help & Support e-Booklet.

Telephone support ?

If you need a phone call, then you can request one via the online Support Centre ... however we find that for most cases, using the telephone is inefficient and ambiguous.  

-- For example, trying to explain a feature on a Curriculum Diagram can be very difficult to do accurately and unambiguously on the telephone.  

-- For example, trying to explain why a lesson will not fit in the way you expect is usually impossible on the telephone, for the same reasons.

-- For example, in an email we can provide you with links to a relevant article or PDF, such as A discussion of Consistent Setting methods, which you can just click on ... whilst on the phone you'd have to try to write it down accurately.

Any ambiguity over the phone is likely to lead you into trouble further down the road, leading to a waste of your time and possibly an unusable timetable.  

Best way to get support

It is vital that we provide you with clear and unambiguous help.  The best way to do this is for you to:

  • Use Gold-Start initially, to get off to a good start, see:
  • Use the HelpScreens, the HelpMovies (videos), the printed Manuals, the KnowledgeBase Articles, etc, as you go along
  • If you hit a problem and need specific support then just click on the 'Support Centre' button on your screen.   After registering (once only) this allows you to send in a Ticket to our Support Team who are all very experienced timetablers.   See also HelpMovie 4.
    If you are asking about a specific timetabling problem then make sure you attach a Backup of your data.  This is the file named TT4Data.BAK and it allows the Support Team to see the problem you describe within the context of your timetable; they can see what you see.
    We reply promptly : the average resolve time for the Support Centre is under 2 hours.
    More details of the Support Centre here

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By the TimeTabler Team