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Using the Visual Builder Screen

TimeTabler offers you a choice of how to schedule, by providing two possible scheduling screens:

-- The Priority List:  is the simpler screen, with basic and compact information.
-- The Visual Builder:  contains more information, allows you to drag-and-drop lessons, etc.  (This is the most popular and the default).

You can move between them as you wish.


- You can use either screen, or switch between the two as you wish, for different tasks.

- Within each method you can use automatic scheduling, semi-automatic, manual/interactive (or a mix of all three).  For details, see Help-movie number 37.

- For a PDF explaining how to use the many features on the Visual Builder Screen, click here.

- For more on these screens, see the printed Manual and Help-movies number 38 to 41.


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By the TimeTabler Team