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Using teachers to Cover for Exam Invigilation [SC]

Using StaffCover at Exam time (suspending classes)

Can StaffCover identify all those staff who are freed up from teaching just by entering which year group is off timetable and sitting examinations?
Can StaffCover then make these teachers first priority for invigilation of the exams & Cover regardless of the running totals for cover, etc?

   A.     At any time, you can 'Suspend' Classes from the timetable (either individual Classes, for all or part of the day, or the whole Year-group).
So you can Suspend a complete Year-group from the Cover Timetable (for example, at Exam time, you could suspend Year 11 and Year 13 from requiring cover).

The effect is twofold:
a) Suspended Classes are not covered, even if their teacher is absent.
b) Teachers who are timetabled to be teaching a Suspended class are 'Free' to cover for absent colleagues.

You can then optionally say that the freed teachers are to be used first, before any other teachers.

You can also choose whether such Cover counts toward those teachers' cover totals or not (ie. if you wish you can decide that the exam invigilating that those teachers are doing should not count toward their 'cover total' because they would normally have been teaching then anyway).

See also: Exam invigilation in TimeTabler. 

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By the TimeTabler Team